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United Legal Services Professional Corporation is an essential service, available for business, while operating in accordance with Order issued by the Premier of Ontario, and is practicing and encouraging social distancing measures for the safe health of all persons. Learn More [61] Essential services include professional and social services that support the legal and justice system;
[65] Professional services including lawyers and paralegals, engineers, accountants, translators.
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A Legal Services Office Focusing in Niche Areas

United Legal Services believes in a focused approach to providing legal services; and accordingly, the ULS office seeks to deliver high quality professional representation within niche areas of law without attempt to serve as a 'jack-of-all-trades'.  Of course, ULS is well networked within the legal community and will, generally, be ready, quick, and able, to connect people with various legal issues outside the ULS scope to providers who are a best fit while ULS keeps to the promise of staying on top of what ULS does best which are the services involving:

Receivables Liquidation

United Legal Services focuses to ensure that debtors are put through a proprietary screening process.  ULS will skip trace, locate, initiate a claim, serve your claim, attend court dates, enter submissions and enforce judgments.  Our cordial approach to the debtor-creditor relationship ensures that your reputational risk is minimized, and your delinquent debt ratios decrease.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

United Legal Services takes great care to assist automobile accident victims, whether as vehicle occupants or pedestrians, among possible others, with the process of making insurance claims for the statutory accident benefits compensation that is duly deserved leaving the victim to focus on making a fullest recovery without the added stress and difficulty of the insurance paperwork.  When necessary, such as where proper coverage is wrongfully denied, ULS provides advocacy representation in the fight to ensure victims receive appropriate assistance and rightful insurance awards.

For those situations where seeking compensation beyond the statutory accident benefits compensation is appropriate, ULS may provide services for the statutory accident benefits coverage while working in tandem with a personal injury lawyer that is handling the litigation case.

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Personal Injuries, falls, etc.

United Legal Services cares about those who are injured due to the negligence of others including those who fail to properly maintain property which results in a slip and fall or trip and fall, among other things.  ULS may also assist with dog bite cases, unsafe conduct that causes injuries as well as intentional improper behaviour such as assaults.

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Various Employment Relationship Disputes

United Legal Services is often consulted for employment law assistance by business clients when an employee relationship dispute arises such as allegations of wrongful dismissal or a breach of contract covenants restricting certain solicitations by a recently departed employee.  When conflict arises with a current, or former, employee, ULS may be available to help.

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